i-Angel Multi Teething Pad - Forest

Rp 360,000

When growing up, your little ones will go through oral phase. This is a time when baby loves to bite, lick and suck a lot of things near his/ her mouth.

This is only available as additional accessories and is not included when you buy your i-Angel.

For your baby comfort, i-Angel innovate 100% Organic Cotton Front Teething Pad with superb and useful features:

  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton
  • Rounding shape for softer touch with no sharp edges
  • Provide protection for the child and i-Angel carrier
  • Easily removable for washing
  • Machine washable
  • Compatible with all i-Angel Ranges: Josh, Denim, Mesh, Big Size, Irene and Rainbow
  • No bleaching and chemicals to safeguard your precious babies
  • Fully tested by Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute

Please note that only i-Angel accessories purchased in Indonesia and imported by BalitaKita will be covered by factory warranty.


Saat tumbuh, anak anda akan melewati fase oral. Ini adalah waktu di mana bayi suka mengigit, menjilat dan mengemut banyak benda di sekitar mulutnya.

Item ini hanya dijual secara terpisah dan tidak termasuk dalam pembelian unit i-Angel.

Untuk kenyamanan bayi anda, i-Angel memperkenalkan inovasi kami 100% Organic Cotton Front Teething Pad dengan fitur yang unggul dan sangat berguna:

  • Terbuat dari 100% Organic Cotton
  • Bentuk yang tumpul untuk sentuhan yang lebih lembut tanpa sudut-sudut yang tajam
  • Memberikan proteksi untuk anak dan i-Angel carrier
  • Mudah dibuka untuk dicuci
  • Bisa dicuci dengan mesin cuci
  • Bisa digunakan dengan semua koleksi i-Angel: Josh, Denim, Mesh, Big Size, Irene dan Rainbow
  • Tanpa bleaching dan bahan kimia untuk menjaga kesehatan bayi anda
  • Testing dilakukan oleh Korea Environment and Merchandise Testing Institute

Please note that only i-Angel purchased in Indonesia and imported by BalitaKita will be covered by factory warranty.

Apakah bayi anda hanya ingin digendong hadap keluar tetapi sudah terlalu berat untuk digendong dengan tangan dan andapun khawatir mengenai posisi yang terlalu lebar saat digendongan?
i-Angel adalah jawaban yang aman dan nyaman bagi si kecil dan orang tua. Dengan model Hip Seat pertama di dunia, dengan gendongan i-Angel si kecil dapat menghadap keluar saat digendong tanpa resiko sakit atau posisi yang salah. Orang tua pun dapat menggendong tanpa berat berlebih pada satu titik yang mengakibatkan sakit badan. Dari bayi 0-3 tahun atau 0-20Kg.


i-Angel is the first hip seat carrier in the world and is the best baby carrier out there!

i-Angel is made of high grade cotton and polyester for the body of the carrier. The luxurious compressed Styrofoam seat is designed to be safe and comfortable for the baby. It is also hand washable so it makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Its innovative and ground-breaking hip seat design allows baby to sit comfortably in an upright position and supported all the way to the knees whilst being carried by the parents. The baby is safe and comfortable with no hips or leg strains from crotch dangling.

i-Angel is good for parents too! Wide waistband and shoulder straps enables great weight distribution on. So parents can carry their baby while keeping their hands free to do other activities like shop, travel, clean, and with no back-ache or shoulder-ache experience afterwards.

i-Angel is designed to last for a long time. It is suitable for babies weighing from 0–20 kgs or those from 0-3 years old. The waist band is suitable for 72cm - 112cm so everyone can hug your baby close.

A smart investment choice for great parenting experience.