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Why i-Angel for Your Baby?

1. i-Angel is the First Hip Seat Carrier in the World

The Hip Seat design is the main difference with other brands out there. Your baby will be fully supported while sitting comfortably on the i-Angel. The baby can face inwards, outwards or on parent's backs.

i-Angel Hip Seat Carrier (Gendongan Pinggul Bayi) yang Pertama di Dunia

Hip Seat design adalah pembeda utama i-Angel dengan merek baby carriers lain. Bayi anda dapat duduk nyaman dengan i-Angel. Bayi dapat digendong dengan posisi menghadap ke dalam , ke luar atau di punggung orang tua.

2. Safe for Babies

Many carries are designed whereby the baby is dangled from his/ her crotch. Hence, in many cases the genital and thigh area of babies are swollen with red marks imprinted on the skin. In the long run, this may cause spinal injury or spinal misaligned in babies and may be harmful to their development.

With i-Angel, due to presence of hip-seat, baby is actually in seated position while being carried. i-Angel's hip-seat supports babies weight all the way to his/her thighs. Hence, i-Angel is comfortable for babies. Parents often notice i-Angel babies swinging their legs in the air with glee or falling asleep in the carrier blissfully.

Aman untuk Bayi

Banyak gendongan merek lain yang didesign di mana bayi anda menggantung di daerah selangkangannya. Karena itu, di banyak kasus, daerah paha/ selangkangan dan kemaluan bayi sering bengkak dan merah-merah; terlihat bekas tekanan di kulit mereka. Di jangka panjang, hal ini dapat menyebabkan cidera tulang belakang atau pergeseran tulang belakang di bayi dan sangat berbahaya bagi pertumbuhan mereka.

Dengan i-Angel, karena ada hip-seat, bayi digendong dalam posisi duduk. i-Angel menopang berat badan bayi secara menyeluruh sampai ke paha mereka. Karena itu, i-Angel sangat nyaman untuk bayi. Orang tua sering melihat bayi yang digendong dengan i-Angel mengayunkan kaki di udara dengan girang atau tertidur dengan nyenyak saat digendong.

3. Made Using the Best Material for Your Baby

The i-Angel carrier is made of high grade cotton and polyester. It is soft and cool to your baby's sensitive skin - preventing excessive heat, sweating and skin abrasion. The luxurious compressed Styrofoam seat is designed for safe and comfortable seating. i-Angel can be hand-washed, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

Dibuat Dengan Bahan Yang Terbaik Untuk Bayi

i-Angel terbuat dari katun dan polyester kelas tinggi. Bahan yang halus dan menyejukkan bagi kulit bayi anda, sehingga mencegah panas yang berlebihan, keringat dan luka pada kulit. Styrofoam yang dikompresi membentuk tempat duduk yang lux, aman dan nyaman. i-Angel juga dapat dicuci dengan tangan sehingga mudah untuk dibersihkan.

Why i-Angel for You?

1. Comfortable for Parents

Wide waistband and shoulder straps enables great weight distribution. You can carry your baby while keeping your hands free for shopping, traveling, cleaning, putting your baby to sleep - with minimal strain and reduced risk of waist, back or shoulder-ache afterwards.

Nyaman Bagi Orang Tua

Dengan ban pinggang yang lebar dan tali bahu, i-Angel mendistribusikan berat badan bayi dengan merata. Anda dapat menggendong bayi sambil berbelanja, jalan-jalan, bersih-bersih dan menidurkan bayi dengan leluasa dan dengan resiko sakit pinggang, punggung atau bahu yang minimal.

2. Great Color Selections and Great Investment

i-Angel offers a wide range of colors,and delightful designs to suit your taste. i-Angel is long-lasting! It can be used for babies weighing from zero to 20 Kg or up to 3 years old. A smart investment choice for great parenting experience and great value for money!

Berbagai Pilihan Warna dan Investasi yang Bijaksana

i-Angel datang dengan berbagai warna dan design menarik sesuai selera Anda. i-Angel sangat tahan lama dan dapat dipakai untuk bayi dengan berat badan dari nol sampai 20 Kg atau sampai umur 3 tahun. Pilihan investasi yang bijaksana untuk pengalaman berharga dengan buah hati dan great value for money!

3. Pick From a Wide Range of Models and Colors

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1. Is i-Angel safe for my baby?

Definitely, i-Angel safety is approved under Korea Certification Mark (KC Certification). For more information you may click here - http://www.kc-mark.com/

Its features also has double safety mechanisms like waist velcro and safety belt, as well as zipper and double flap velcro for hip seat connector.

i-Angel is also certified by the International Hip Joint Association which has evaluated i-Angel to be a good and safe product for babies held to highest international standard.

2. What is the difference between i-Angel and other existing brands out there?

i-Angel is the first hip seat baby carrier in the world, it allows your baby to sit comfortably and supports all the way to the knees. This lowers the risk of spine or hips injury due to crotch-dangling! associated with other carriers. This feature is the biggest difference and is the most beneficial feature for your baby in comparison to other brands.

i-Angel is the first brand in the world and is a pioneer of Hip Seat Baby Carriers.

i-Angel Rainbow is also the first in the world to be invented as the 3 function carrier of its kind. So we believe in the quality and leading design of i-Angel as the market maker and market leader in baby hip seat carriers in comparison to other brands available.

Compared to other Hip Seat carriers, i-Angel carriers are more comfortable for parents and baby as the material has additional inner breathable lining and padding, this is different from other brands with only one layer of cotton exterior making it thinner and not as durable or comfortable as i-Angel carriers. The shape of i-Angel front panel is also different and it makes it very ideal for baby's position and comfort whilst being carried.

Our clients such as celebrity moms Dian Sastro, Astrid Tiar, Titi Kamal, Ashanty, Indra Bekti and other parents who have tried a lot of other brands are now turning to i-Angel because it really is different and it is the best for both parents & baby.

Will the baby legs be too widespread? As i-Angel has a seat for the baby to rest on, therefore their position and posture is exactly like sitting on a chair or on the floor. Therefore there is no risk of their legs spreading too wide. Whereas babies with slings, traditional sarongs or carried by hand are actually made to spread wider.

Many moms also report that baby on i-Angel tend to have better posture and sit up faster, steadier due to the habit of sitting in a good supported bottom whilst being carrier unlike all other forms of carriers that have no bottom support for the baby.

3. What is the difference between i-Angel Irene, Josh, Denim, Fleur, Big Size and Rainbow?

Essentially, i-Angel Irene, Josh, Denim, Fleur are the exact same model of a 2 in 1 : Hip Seat and Hip Seat Carrier. The difference is in the style of design and color of the line. Fits mommies and daddies waist size 72-112cm, baby 0-20Kg or 3 Years.

i-Angel Big Size is for mommies and daddies who are larger and fits to waist size 80-122 cm, baby 0-20Kg or 3 Years.

The i-Angel Rainbow is a new innovative design that is a 3 in 1 : Hip Seat, Hip Seat Carrier and Ergo Carrrier. We advise babies to also face in on the Ergo Carrier position. Fits mommies and daddies waist size 72-112cm, baby 0-20Kg or 3 Years.

Please note: only i-Angel bought in Indonesia and imported by BalitaKita.com is covered by BalitaKita.com for any factory faulty found after purchase (following product examination). We will not be able to help i-Angel products bought elsewhere outside Indonesia.

4. How do I learn to use my i-Angel?

i-Angel is quite simple to use and you will quickly get the hang of it with your baby. Always keep your baby secured while holding and securing the straps. Videos that demonstrate the how to use your i-Angel can be viewed here - i-Angel Video

Please ensure that the hip seat is on your waist [not hips ;)]and all straps on the waist, shoulders and back are adjusted to be well fitted to ensure the weight of the baby is distributed well. If straps are loose, it will tug on the parents and may be uncomfortable. It may take a little getting used to the first time but you and your baby will be a pro in no time. You may loosen the straps as the baby grows with the carrier :)

5. Can men also use i-Angel?

Yes, i-Angel has such a wide range of colors to suit you and your family's taste. The waist band is suitable for 72cm - 112cm so everyone can hug your baby close. Dads love i-Angel too as it gives them a chance to be close to the lil ones while being comfortable and handsfree.

6. How do I care for and wash my i-Angel Carrier?

We advise for your i-Angel to be washed the first time it is to be used. Always remove the foam padding from the hip seat before washing, simply wash the carrier and organic teething pad by hand. Dry away from direct sunlight to avoid any color change. Washing machine wash is not recommended.

7. How is shipping calculated?

Each unit of i-Angel Josh/Denim/Irene/Fleur/Big Size is 3 Kg and Rainbow is 4Kg. JNE calculates by volume although the carrier is about 1 Kg with total packaging. Please note that all products are wrapped with bubble wrap and plastic for safety reason to avoid notice on value of product.

JNE Yes/Overnight is available as per JNE designated areas.

8. When will my product be sent to me?

Once you have paid, confirmed your payment, please allow 1-2 business days to ship it out. Our office is open Monday to Friday business hours. Please ensure to confirm your payment to us via email to admin@balitakita.com - include your order number, bank name, bank account number, bank account name, amount and date of payment.

JNE offers insurance for their delivery at 0.25% (subject to change according to JNE) + Rp.5000 admin charge with adds to Rp.10.225 for value Rp.2.090.000 Irene/Denim/Josh for example. This option is optional for customers. You may choose to have insurance but please email us regarding this after you have added this charge to your payment transfer.

As delivery is via JNE, the period of time is dependent on the destination and all condition is dependent on the courier. All shipping is done from Jakarta. Please let us know directly if you need the tracking number.

All packages are sent in good shape and has been checked by our Quality Control team prior to sending. All goods are packaged with bubble wrap with care and wrapped with newspaper for safety reason to avoid notice on value of product :) We take high care of the quality of goods sent but as we use a third party courier, once sent all handling purposes are courier responsibility.

Below are our shipping schedules. For urgent matters and for special pick up request or same day pick up we recommend http://www.go-jek.com/ but all costs and responsibility are to receiver, please email to admin@balitakita.com and we will try to help this arrangement.

All PO items are Purchase Order items and are not ready items and will be available for shipment when arrived estimated at end of Jun 2015 or early Jul 2015 depending on Indonesia customs. If you have purchase a PO item, your item will be reserved and guaranteed stock. For more information, please email us admin@balitakita.com or Whatsapp +62817718820.

9. How do I enjoy PROMO offers @ Balitakita.com?

Please check out our PROMO page for details on the promotional offers we currently have and how you can claim these offers. Promos for i-Angel on BalitaKita.com is only valid exclusively through the website.

10. Other Conditions

All products are fixed price and promotions vary upon the valid program offered with conditions applied. Please note that all official i-Angel product sold in Indonesia is at standard retail price Rp.2.090.000 or Rp.2.790.000 (except during special promotion prices by retailers for limited time) and all official products available in Indonesia are the products displayed on www.BalitaKita.com are original i-Angel products.

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